Laundry List of Fun!!


Manager’s Cocktail Reception. Fun to mingle and meet other guests.  For those who have stayed before, there is also repeat guest special dinner for cocktails and dinner at Otahiete (invitation is sent to your suite).


Beach Bar at Couples Negril

Beach Bar at Couples Negril



Wine and Cheese Cocktail party in the Piano Bar.  This is a fun time to swap stories to find out some fun excursions to do.  I loved the One Love Bus Tour, and watching the cliff divers at Rick’s.  Lots of fun!


Honeymooners Reception!  It’s always nice to be recognized as a honeymooner, and this a great way to do it!  Have fun with the staff and make new friends.

Thursday: Party Day!

The Beach Party Bonfire under the stars turns into a Dance Party that night.  Get your dancing shoes ready!

Friday: Lobster Night!

All the restaurants will feature lobster on their menu so it is a great event!


Dance, Dance, Dance at the Dance Party!


Every night there is some sort of musical talent, from reggae artists, to steel bands, to rock and roll, so you are able to get lost in the tunes.  And there is a Showtime Presentation/nightly performance each night to enjoy.